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Welcome to Wolfsens, where you can get the best meat and sausage items available. We take great satisfaction in providing the best cuts and flavors to satisfy even the most demanding palates as a famous seller of scrumptious meats. With a long history, we mix ancient skills with contemporary methods to produce exquisite treats that will improve your culinary experience. Every item in our selection, from tender steaks to flavorful sausages, is painstakingly made to exceed your expectations. Enjoy Wolfsens’ unwavering quality and exquisite taste as you set out on a culinary adventure unlike any other.

We drive just over an hour to get their stuff. It’s absolutely delicious. We haven’t had a sausage we don’t like- absolute hands down the best ones in my opinion: corned beef, cheddar/cream cheese/ bacon/jalapeño, taco, boudin(a meal in a sausage) blueberry(yes, you read that right), and chicken artichoke. But we’ve never had one we don’t like. And they have a variety for everyone. They have the pretty tame ones, like ham and swiss, to more interesting ones like the the corned beef(which is also like a meal in a sausage. SO. DANG. GOOD) to REALLY interesting ones like Moroccan lamb. (Also, really tasty) they have fresh varieties as well as the smoked ones, also they have a very well stocked meat counter and deli with magnificently huge sandwiches, that are phenomenal.
I wish we lived closer but also I’m glad we are a decent distance away, I’d be here WAY more frequently if the drive wasn’t a 2+hour round trip adventure

Linda T


Chicken Sausages

Pork Sausages

Beef Jerky & Sticks

Hot Beef Jerky

Ingredients: Chicken, water, dehydrated apples, salt, dehyrated onions, carrageenan vinegar, natural flavor, spices, dehydrated parsley, sodium nitrate.

Teriyaki Beef Jerky

Ingredients: beef

Mild Beef Jerky

Ingredients: Beef, water, apple juice, concentrate, asorbic acid, vitamin C, soy sauce (water, wheat, soybeans, salt, sodium, benzonate) Teriyaki sauce (soy sauce, water ,wheat, soybeans, salt, wine, high fructose corn syrup, water , vinegar, salt, spices, onion powder, succinic acid, garlic powder, liquid smoke, (water, natural hickory) Flavor: granulated garlic, sodium nitrate, salt, red dye number 3

Smoked Pepper Beef Sticks

Ingredients: Beef, water, salt, dextrose, spices, sugar, garlic powder, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite.

Smoked Spicy Hawaiian Beef Sticks

Ingredients: Beef, dried pineapple, water, hot Hawaiian seasoning, red wine, red wine vinegar, sodium nitrite.

Smoked Jalapeño Cheddar Beef Sticks

Ingredients: Beef, cheddar cheese, jalapenos, jalapeno seasoning water, sodium nitrite. Contains: Milk

Smoked Honey BBQ Beef Sticks

Ingredients: Beef, sugar, salt, dried honey, spices, brown sugar, onion powder, monosodium glutamate, natural smoke flavor, dried molasses, natural flavors, carmel color, sodium nitrate